Dance Lessons

From 27€ per person

Dance Lessons

From 27€ per person

Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another, Unknown

1. Description

One of the best ways to have a deeper understanding of a local culture and familiarize yourself with it, is learning dances of the region. Syrtos, Arapina and Kitsos are all Amorgian dances but you can also learn more ‘nisiotika’ (island Greek dances) like Ikariotikos. Ask George, our physical education teacher and qualified teacher of traditional dances, to share with you the story behind them. It’s not just making the right steps but much more…

2. Period
May till October (on a daily basis, upon request)
3. Extra Information

Duration: 1.15’
No of Participants: from 2 persons

4. Pricing

Individual Price: 30€ per person
Group Price: 27€ per person (For more than 6 persons)

5. Place

A large indoor space in Tholaria village, close to Agioi Anargiroi church.

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