Dream Blue

Dream Blue is a travel agency offering excursions and themed tours in Amorgos and Cycladic islands as well. We are the people of Vigla Hotel and we believe that the guest experience extends far beyond the property itself.

Our cheerfulness and authenticity combined with the desire to share human values help us unveil you the hidden treasures of Amorgos. We love the island, its tradition and customs and our main concern is to protect its cultural, historical and natural heritage. On making various activities and tours, we hope to share this knowledge and offer you simultaneously the chance to better comprehend local people, history and their daily life.

Thus, you will undoubtfully have a lifetime experience in this extraordinary island. Pick from a wide range of activities and themed tours:

• Hiking in Amorgos’ trails
• Cooking lessons
• Music / dance lessons
• Sightseeing (archaeological sites)
• Boat trip
• Donkey ride and many, many more…

Apart from the proposed themed tours, be aware that also tailor-made themed tours to fit your needs and budget, are available.

It’s time to come and share with us the love we have for this place while having a great time! Cherished memories are a guarantee!

Meet the Dream Team

Despina Giannakopoulou
(The Organized)

Persistent, restless and creative, seeks to offer the best to those who trust her. On living in this island, Despina constantly discovers more and more things relating to culture, gastronomy and history. So, she is given the opportunity via Dream Blue to help people discover the real aspect of islanders’ everyday life.

Sophie Synodinou
(The Adventurous)

Polite and jolly, she is half Greek and half French. Sophie loves travelling and what’s more she adores exploring new places, meeting people and learning new things. She is doing this job to share an ideology, a way of life. She is also free to share her special bond with the island and the concern she has for the preservation and protection of its customs and cultural heritage.

Dimitris Kanakis
(The Traditional)

Originating from Iraklia island, but born and raised in Athens…he considers himself lucky to live in Amorgos! He can be found hiking, kayaking or…dancing at some local feast somewhere between Naxos and Amorgos! Schinousa, Iraklia, Koufonisi, Keros, Donousa, Amorgos, but also Panermos and “Apiso Topoi” are his neighborhood. Join him to experience the famous Greek hospitality and “do big life…at the Small Cyclades”

Antonis Roussos
(The Alternative)

Analytical, descriptive and with a great sense of humour. He has knowledge of many stories from the past that will travel you back in time. He is from Amorgos but has grown up in Crete. His great love for Amorgos, its history and people along with their everyday life made him return to his father’s homeland. This love enforces Antonis to share all these with you.