Small Cyclades Adventures

From 2200€ per person

Small Cyclades Adventures

From 2200€ per person

Adventure in small Cyclades is a trip organized from our office and a team of young islanders from Amorgos, Schinoussa, Iraklia and Naxos. We all share a common feeling: our love for islands and Greek Archipelago!! (Aegean Sea in ancient times, meaning ‘chief sea’)

1. Description

Our intention is to show you the real way of life in these islands which are in the eastern and maybe in the most beautiful part of Aegean Sea. We will make a travel together to the history, civilization, culture and special characteristics of each island – always exploring the real dimension of everyday life in these dazzling places.

The trip lasts 12 days and takes place during off-season time as to live the reality of people you are going to meet and be part of their everyday life, for a while. You will see and learn the tasks and labor of locals such as agriculture, animal husbandry and fishing. You will learn about the sea routes and history of islanders.

You will be enchanted by adventures in small Cyclades! It’s time to see our islands through different eyes, to love them even more and be part of them.

Note: There are some rules not defined by the guide but they are ‘imposed’ by weather conditions, island topography and sea and of course affect the final program. The main rule is ‘to be flexible’. Nevertheless, there are many alternatives always based in the main cause of making this travel.

An enormous thank you to Giannis Bardanis, Manolis Koveos, Manos Protonotarios, Lila Klaoudatou and Maria Kalifasa.

2. Extra Information

What age: From 25 to 65 years old

Include: Accommodation, food and transfer.
DOES NOT include: Drinks.

Don’t forget: Back pack, sack voyage (optionally), climbing shoes, water bottle, flashlight, trekking poles (optionally), camera.

3. Pricing

Individual Price: 2500€ per person
Group Price: 2200€ per person (For more than 6 persons)

4. Trip Program*

Day 1:

• Arrival in Naxos
• First meeting with guide and lunch
• Departure for Za and its villages
• Visit in oil press
• Arrival in Filoti and settlement in the Hotel
• Dinner and rest

Day 2:

• Breakfast
• Departure for Apiranthos
• Visit in folklore museum and castle and walking in the village
• Snack and hiking to Moutsouna through emery mines (12 km)
• Dinner and return to the Hotel

Day 3:

• Breakfast
• Departure for Klido
• Visit in sheep pen and cheese factory – traditional home – cooking ‘rosto’ by kira (Mrs) Sofia
• Panermos – castle – citadel in the afternoon
• Departure for Iraklia with fishboat
• Settlement in the Hotel
• Dinner and rest

Day 4:

• Breakfast
• Hiking trail to Alimnia cave and upper village
• Depending on the sea conditions – shipwreck in Alimnia
• Return with fishing boat at the port
• Dinner and rest

Day 5:

• Breakfast
• Bee hives – cheese factory
• Snacks for lunch and ‘Skopelitis’ boat to arrive in Schinoussa
• Arrival in Hotel
• Dinner and coffee in kafenio (café)

Day 6:

• Breakfast
• Loom
• Cooking lesson
• Lunch and rest
• Dance lesson
• Dinner and rest

Day 7:

• Breakfast
• Sailing with ‘Eolia’ boat, depending on weather conditions
• ‘Skopelitis’ boat and arrival in Amorgos
• Settlement in Hotel
• Dinner and rest

Day 8:

• Breakfast
• Hiking in Aegiali’s villages
• Lunch and rest
• Cooking lesson
• Dinner and and coffee in kafenio (café)

Day 9:

• Breakfast
• Road Trip – Valsamitis – Pirgos – Agia Thekla – Lefkes – Katapola
• Lunch
• Visit in soap factory
• Return in Hotel and dinner

Day 10:

• Breakfast
• Asfontilitis – Monastery of Chozoviotissa – Chora
• Lunch

Day 11:

• Breakfast
• Free day

Day 12:

• Breakfast
• Donkey ride
• Lunch
• Dance lesson in the afternoon
• Night party

*Depending on the month and events of each season, the above trip program can vary.

FEBRUARY 24 – MARCH 8: This Adventure is dedicated to nature. We will travel in our islands with in a very special period… at the beginning of spring! We will go make a tour in these places the period that spring awakens and we will watch the carnival customs [‘Kapetanios’ (captain) in Aegiali] which are deeply rooted in the islander’s lives and originate from worship of god Dionysos in ancient time.

APRIL 14 – 26: A trip in the islands the most beautiful and important period, Easter. Each day is different and full as we will accompany islanders in each custom and activity of their top religious celebration. An unforgettable journey!

APRIL 21 – MAY 02 / MAY 02 – 14: Summer season and earth transition from sowing of winter crops to summer farming. It’s perfect period for hiking and making your very first summer swimming attempt. Τhe top moment of trip is participation in Amorgos Trail Challenge (trail running)

JUNE 21 – JULY 3: A summer trip in islands that start welcoming first visitors of the season. Two important events: a cultural one, ‘fava’ (split pea) celebration in Schinoussa and a religious, Ag. Anargiroi festivity in Amorgos.

AUGUST 24 – SEPTEMBER 05: Season ends…islanders say farewell to their visitors and are involved in harvesting and preparing winter crops. The cave visit in Iraklia on Ag. Ioannis celebration day and ‘Xerotigana’ (fried dough strips) celebration as well, will excite you.

SEPTEMBER 15 -27 / OCTOBER 06 – 18: Autumn small Cyclades. Nature and people say farewell to summer and adjust their lives to winter conditions that are so close!

NOVEMBER 10 – 22: Month of olives and Virgin Mary for all islanders. We will have a close look to all the procedure of olive harvesting and olive oil production. Moreover, we will attend the most important celebration: ‘Panagia’ (Virgin Mary) Chozoviotissa, patron of all islanders in small Cyclades. All people gather in the imposing monastery of Panagia Chozoviotissa in Amorgos to celebrate.

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