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Our cheerfulness and authenticity combined with the desire to share human values help us unveil you the hidden treasures of Amorgos. We love the island, its tradition and customs and our main concern is to protect its cultural, historical and natural heritage. On making various activities and tours, we hope to share this knowledge and offer you simultaneously the chance to better comprehend local people, history and their daily life.

11 Ways

to live the experience of Amorgos

Road Trip

Wild scenery, interesting attractions and welcoming people. All you need is a vehicle and some great company. Dream More 



Whether you are a novice or a seasonal trekker, get ready to discover the wild beauty of Amorgian nature. Choose from the following 3 routes and enjoy your walk at this picture-perfect paradise:


Donkey / Horse Ride

Make a new friend while riding through the narrow streets of Tholaria village. Dream More

E-Bike Ride

Rent an electric bicycle or e-bike and experience the fun and eco-friendly way to see Amorgos island! Dream More



Don’t miss the chance to discover the marine life of the Aegean sea. Learn
from the experts of Amorgos Diving center and just fall in love with
snorkeling. Dream More


Scuba Diving

Why scuba diving is great? Come in Amorgos and Amorgos Diving Centre to
find the countless reasons. Dream More



Try the oldest underwater sport and experience the ultimate feeling of
freedom and an extraordinary form of meditation. Dream More


Yoga and Amorgos: the perfect combination. Let us promote your strength,
calmness and well-being while enjoying the enchanting sunset. Dream More



Relaxation is the key word… and not only. Indulge in self-care and pamper
yourself with a feel-good way. Dream More


Cooking Lessons

What about spending creatively 1.30 hrs in kitchen of Vigla Hotel with our chef and enjoying the meal you have cooked in an open-air veranda with awe-inspiring view afterwards? Dream More


Dance Lessons

Do you wish to learn traditional dances with the best teacher in Amorgos? Book your participation and get ready to dance! Dream More

Dreams Come True

We had a wonderful time on the day tour of Amorgos Island with Antonis. Antonis is a great tour guide and told us (in English) fun and interesting stories about the local foods, indigenous plants and animals, the architectural and religious history, and about the Greek people and all of their beautiful customs. The best part is you are learning all of this as you are enjoying the magnificent sites of the island. 

Taylor Peyton Doop & Marco, USA

One of the highlights of our annual visits to Amorgos is a cooking class with Chef Irini at the Hotel Vigla in Tholaria overlooking Aegiali Bay. The culinary outcome is always delicious; and Chef Irini is a great cook and a patient teacher, and her English is excellent, too. We can hardly wait for our next trip to Amorgos. We especially look forward to our next cooking class with Chef Irini and the always warm welcome from Calliope and Despina and the rest of her family.

George and Martin, Canada

Our tour day saw a lot of amazing sites, yet we never felt rushed, our guide Antonis Roussos took everything at a leisurely pace and explained in great detail the history and what we were taking in. We can highly recommend this tour and the children loved it too! We will be back to do other tours with Hotel Vigla.

Sonya, New Zealand

Nous avons fait le choix, en famille, d’un cours de cuisine égéenne en compagnie d’Ireni, aux commandes de la cuisine du Vigla. Nous avons été super bien reçus, dans une grande cuisine et avons appris à faire la moussaka et les petits biscuits dégustés ensuite sur la terrasse. A refaire lors de notre prochain voyage à Amorgos! C’est sûr, nous reviendrons!

Valentine, France